My Bubble Tea

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As a young woman with big dreams, the last thing Modem (Manasaporn Chanchalerm) wants to think about right now is love. However, with her birthday fast approaching, that seems to be the only thing her mother can talk about. As part of her birthday celebrations, Modern will be taking part in one of her family’s longest-held and most secret traditions; a tradition which will allow her to choose one of the seven magical teas, brewed by the family, to help her through the coming year. While Modem has ideas of which brew she’ll pick, her mother insists she take the tea guaranteed to bring her love. Unable to go against her mother’s wishes, Modem takes the love tea but isn’t exactly sure how to use it; at least not until she realizes she can use it on her handsome boss (Nichkhun). Having harbored a crush on her boss for a while, Modem can’t think of a better use for the magical brew, but before she has a chance to give it to him, she accidentally spills it on the one man on earth she truly hates, Light (Phiravich Attachitsataporn). Now madly in love with her, Modem can’t seem to escape Light’s incessant attention. As if having her mortal enemy constantly swooning over her wasn’t bad enough, Modem’s boss has started showing an unexpected interest in her. But how can she pursue a relationship with her dream guy when she’s got an enchanted lover constantly trying to win her heart? A lighthearted tale of love and magic, “My Bubble Tea” is a 2020 Thai romantic comedy drama directed by Dhammarong Sermrittirong.