Dine with Love

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As the owner of a fresh food platform, Yu Hao (Gao Han Yu) is heavily involved in the food industry. To promote his brand, he often sponsors and participates in food shows, but anytime he has to demonstrate his prowess in the kitchen, he uses a stand-in. With no natural talent in the kitchen and no desire to learn how to cook, Yu Hao often infuriates those around him as his lack of skill in the kitchen often negatively impacts the teams he works with. After Yu Hao’s abrasive behavior infuriates the production team of a food show, the disgruntled group decides to pay him back by revealing the truth about his cooking. Realizing the head of such a highly publicized food company can’t actually cook, the public is outraged. Driving his PR director away in the midst of what has quickly become a crisis, Yu Hao has no choice but to ask Su Ke Lan (Zheng Qiu Hong) to clean up the mess. A capable PR manager with a genuine passion for food, Ke Lan decides the best way to ease tension all-around is to help Yu Hao learn to cook. Inviting Yu Hao into the kitchen, Ke Lan begins teaching him the basics of cooking. Through Ke Lan’s guidance, Yu Hao slowly begins to master the art of cooking while at the same time, learning how to be a better person. Working side-by-side, Ke Lan and Yu Hao slowly draw closer together but can she find a way to slip past the walls he’s built around his heart? A delicious little love story, “Dine With Love” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Gang Chen.