The Girlfriend Downstairs Please Sign
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Ye Fei Mo (Lawrence Wong) is the CEO of Anning Culture, a media production company. Although he is clever and good-looking, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Instead, he mopes around, thinking about the top actress who split up with him, leaving him brokenhearted. His mother has been trying to set him up with women ever since, but he rebuffs all of their advances. Anning runs into difficulties, however, and executives hatch a plan that involves Ye Fei Mo appearing to have a girlfriend. They eventually convince a woman named Wen Xiao Nuan (Xu Hao) to pretend to be his girlfriend. She is trying to raise funds by working as an extra and a bit-part actress to support an opera troupe in her hometown. Eventually, the rouse becomes full-time: Wen Xiao Nuan must continue to keep up the act, and Ye Fei Mo has no choice but to play along. But as the web of lies becomes more intricate, a spark of genuine romance ignites between them. Could they find love in this strange, fake “relationship?” “Girlfriend” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Ming Yan.