Our Secret

Secrets in the Lattice, Our Secrets, Secret of the Secrets


Zhou Si Yue (Chen Zhe Yuan) is a high schooler who excels at almost everything he does. He is also exceptionally popular at school. But one person is not in his thrall: the resolute and headstrong Ding Xian (Xu Meng Jie). As they are both late for school on the first day of their final year at school, they have no choice but to become deskmates. Sitting next to each other for a whole academic year sounds like torture for both of them – and they waste no time trying to get on each other’s nerves. But as they get to know one another a little better over the course of the first semester, they start to appreciate one another – and begin to support each other. Over time, what began as begrudging respect slowly transforms into affection. When school ends, the duo ends up heading to the same college. Will this relationship bloom into the love of a lifetime for them? Or will the pressures of growing up take their toll? This drama was based on a novel named “Secrets in the Lattice” by Er Dong Tu Zi. “Our Secret” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zhang Xiao An.