The Romance of Hua Rong

One Night Bride


Hua Rong (Zhao Zhao Yi) is a young woman from a prestigious and well-respected family. She is bored with her life and chooses to run away from home in search of adventure. She decides to go off to sea to pursue her dream….but is soon caught and kidnapped by a notorious pirate named Qin Shang Cheng (Yuan Hao). He falls for her immediately and resolves to make him his wife. To make sure she doesn’t escape, he “imprisons” her on an island that is guarded by a mighty sea monster. When she finally does manage to get away from the island, she encounters a dashing young prince named Jin Yi Wen (Ian Yi). Like the pirate, he falls in love with Hua Rong. But Qin Shang Cheng won’t be put off so easily, and begins to pursue the woman he has resolved to live with! Will she find love with either of these wildly different suitors? “The Romance of Hua Rong” is a 2019 Chinese drama series that was directed by Danny Ko.