Love Dissonance

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Masaki Nitta (Nakajima Yuto) is a young music teacher who is about to start a job as an assistant teacher at a new school. He is a music teacher, too, and has been brought in to replace the previous music instructor – after the latter’s sudden disappearance. The day before he begins work, he is at school, preparing, when he sees the piano. He begins to play and suddenly meets Sae Izumi (Ai Yoshikawa), a student at the school. Sae Izumi appears to be distressed by something, and the two get chatting. They feel a bond developing… The next day, Masaki Nitta is startled to discover that Sae Izumi is a student in the class he is to teach. As they spend more time together, their interest in one another deepens, and together they try to work out what happened to the previous music teacher. The situation gets perilous, but they are eventually parted. But what happens when fate brings them back together five years later...when Sae Izumi is now an adult? “Love Dissonance” is a 2022 Japanese drama that was directed by Hijikata Masato.