Be My Princess

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As a world-renowned idol and an award-winning actor, Mu Ting Zhou (Jeremy Tsui) is used to making waves wherever he goes. Naturally, it came as no surprise to him when fans around the globe became positively giddy over the announcement that he will be taking the lead in a new historical drama. What does come as a surprise is who ends up taking the role of his new leading lady. Working as a part-time interpreter and model, recent graduate Ming Wei (Zhou Jie Qiong) has always had aspirations of becoming an actress but never thought she’d actually get the chance. Nevertheless, after catching the eye of superstar Ting Zhou, she not only gets the chance to audition for his upcoming dramas, but lands the role of leading lady as well. A perfect fit for the role, the chemistry between Ming Wei and Ting Zhou is undeniable. Unfortunately, what should have been a story with a happy ending takes a tragic turn after Ting Zhou is involved in an accident which leaves him with only a single memory: the memory of Ming Wei as a princess who desperately needs his protection. Unable to leave Ting Zhou in such a sad state, Ming Wei agrees to play along in the hopes that by doing so, she can help the confused star regain the memories he’s lost. Taking Ting Zhou under her wing, Ming Wei does her best to help but begins to doubt herself once she realizes her feelings for Ting Zhou are deepening. Will she be able to help this amnesiac actor before she loses her heart completely?  Adapted from the novel “Movie King’s Princess” by Xiao Jia Ren, “Be My Princess” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Tien Jen Huang.