The Day of Becoming You

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Jiang Yi (Steven Zhang) is the star member and leader of a chart-topping all-male pop group. Many people think he is aloof and cold, but the truth of the matter is that he is not quite as distant as he seems. His parents separated while he was still a young boy, and this has left him and this event has left him unable to express his emotions as he’d like. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry reporter Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie) is a much bubblier and more outwardly friendly individual. Their birthdays also happen to be on the same. But when both are involved in an accident that leaves them hospitalized, they wake up to discover that they have swapped bodies! All of a sudden, the “real” Jiang Yi can walk around as “he” pleases – with a gang of paparazzi chasing after him. And the “real” Yu Sheng Sheng suddenly finds herself swamped with media attention. After they realize what has happened, they agree to work together to make each other’s lives better. But as they begin to do so, they – incredibly – start to form a romantic bond. Will the confusion ever end? And will they ever return to their “real” bodies? “The Day of Becoming You” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Wang Zheng.