Sweet Teeth



With a successful dental practice, a well-established teaching position at Donghu University, and looks so fine they have earned him the title of “most handsome man on campus”, Ai Jing Chu (Bi Wen Jun) is considered by many to be the “perfect” man. But not everyone on campus is wowed by Jing Chu or his accomplishments and topping that list is university librarian, Zeng Li (Wu Xuan Yi). Having been involved in a little misunderstanding with Jing Chu in the past, Zeng Li would prefer to have nothing to do with the handsome doctor ever again. But when her mother forces her to get braces, she has no choice but to do as she’s told. Now a patient of Jing Chu, Zeng Li tries to interact with him as little as possible but it seems the harder she tries to avoid him, the more frequently their paths cross. Tired of trying to avoid Jing Chu any longer, Zeng Li accepts her fate and soon comes to find that her dentist isn’t as bad of a guy as she once thought he was. With her heart slowly warming to Jing Chu, will she finally give him a chance to confess the feelings he’s been harboring for her all this time? Adapted from the novel, “A Speck Amid the Dust of the World” by Mu Fu Sheng, “Sweet Teeth” is a 2021 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Derek Hui and Liu Han Yang.