My Dear Guardian

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As an accomplished surgeon, Xia Chu (Li Qin) knows very well how to stay calm in any situation. With her steady hands and keen intellect, Xia Chu has stared death in the face many times over and has always managed to keep calm, bringing her patients through unscathed. Though many might think a surgeon of her skill would possess a cold bedside manner, Xia Chu has always managed to maintain a kind and gentle demeanor. Liang Ze Mu (Johnny Huang), on the other hand, is an ice-cold military officer who never dares reveal his heart. A seasoned officer who has fought on many fronts, Ze Mu has suffered unspeakable pain yet keeps fighting, for duty and honor. Brought together in the most unlikely way, Xia Chu and Ze Mu find themselves forced to work side-by-side, but their opposite personalities often incite conflict. Despite their differences, Ze Mu and Xia Chu find themselves slowly beginning to respect each other and their unique talents as they work together to complete several harrowing missions. Could the warmth of this skilled surgeon melt the ice surrounding this frigid officer’s heart? Adapted from the novel “Round Fingers Under Military Uniforms” by Zhe Zi Ma Yi, “My Dear Guardian” is a 2021 Chinese military medical romance drama directed by Ji Tian Yi.