The Heart of Genius

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On the day her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lin Zhao Xi’s (Zhang Zi Feng) heart is broken. Already suffering a fatal blow, her heart almost shatters completely once she learns that her long-time crush, Chu Pei Zhi (Steven Zhang) is going abroad to further his studies. Unable to follow Pei Zhi abroad, unsure of how to help her father, and miserable with the life she’s made for herself thus far, Zhao Xi finds herself sinking into a veritable pit of despair. But when she stumbles upon a mysterious mathematical formula, everything changes in an instant. Transported to a parallel world, Zhao Xi finds she’s reverted to her twelve-year-old self. Realizing she has the ability to change her fate in this new world, Zhao Xi decides to follow her heart. With the help of her father, Zhao Xi allows herself to pursue her long-hidden love of mathematics. After participating in the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Camp, Zhao Xi returns to her current world but is soon-after transported back to another parallel universe. This time a high school senior, Zhao Xi finds herself relying on Pei Zhi to help her find the courage she needs to face life. Learning more about herself with every trip she takes, Zhao Xi once again returns to her real world. With the lessons she’s learned, will she finally have the courage she needs to change her fate? Adapted from the web novel “Genius Fundamentals” by Zhang Er, “The Heart of Genius” is a 2022 Chinese science-fiction romance directed by Shen Yan.