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My Chilling Roommate



As a young child, Jung Se Ri (Kim So Jeong) made a shocking discovery – that ghosts are very real! The thing is, only she seems to be able to see them. Not only that she also has the ability to converse with spirits, and has learned. She knows how and why ghosts appear, and why they so often “haunt” the spots where they died. Her special talent has remained a tightly guarded secret and now she is an adult, she works part-time in a coffee shop. Until, that is, she encounters the most unusual ghost she has ever met! This ghost is named Song Ji Chan (Jung Chan Woo), and until he was suddenly killed in an accident, he was the arrogant heir to a highly successful and wealthy business group. The accident, he thinks, has robbed him of his memories and leaves him hanging around the scene, wondering what has happened. But when he comes across Jung Se Ri, she tells him that he is a ghost. She leaves him to get his head around what has happened, but he follows her home, insisting he has nowhere else to go. She reluctantly lets him stay at her house, and even starts to help him uncover the truth about what happened to him – even if it means she has to become involved in the business group’s operations! But could this ghoulish “roommate” also fall for the only woman who can see him? “My Chilling Roommate” (2022) is a South Korean drama series that was directed by Hwang Kyu Seong.