Lie to Love

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Brought together by fate, Li Ze Liang (Luo Yun Xi) and Su Xie Yi (Cheng Xiao) are quickly swept into an unforgettable romance; but the feelings they have for each other are soon overshadowed by the tragedy that strikes them both. Cruelly forced apart by the same fate that brought them together, the once lovers soon become distant strangers. Witnessing her father’s death, Xie Yi is so shocked, she suffers temporary amnesia. Unable to remember much, Xie Yi sits helplessly on the sidelines as her entire world crumbles around her. With the death of her father, the family business fails and her home life is destroyed. Just as Xie Yi’s life falls apart, so too does Ze Liang’s, after the untimely death of his father. As heir to the Ocean Hotel Group, Ze Liang should have inherited his father’s place but secret dealings and power plays within the company have left him ousted. Both determined to regain what was wrongfully taken from them, Ze Liang and Xie Yi find themselves crossing paths once more. Often blaming Ze Liang for her father’s death, Xie Yi isn’t keen on the idea of working with him, but as she begins to uncover the truth, she realizes she really doesn’t have a choice. Working together against a common enemy, it doesn’t take long for small sparks of romance to rekindle old flames. But will love be enough to take down the villains who tore them apart so many years ago? Adapted from the novel of the same name by Mu Fu Sheng, “Lie to Love” is a 2021 Chinese mystery romance drama directed by Chen Chang.