Delicious Romance

Love is Delicious
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As any working woman in this modern era can tell you, trying to find your way through the corporate jungle is no easy feat. As a corporate powerhouse, Xia Meng (Naomi Wang) can attest to that fact. Having worked harder than any man around her, Xia Meng has reached the top in her profession but even with her success, struggles inevitably follow. Dating a man who feels insecure next to a woman as powerful as Xia Meng, she often wonders why she even bothers with him. But Xia Meng isn’t the only working woman with relationship issues. As a food blogger with a reputation for being a perfectionist, Liu Jing (Li Chun) has always struggled with finding a partner, as no one seems to be able to live up to her impossibly high standards. Anchorwoman Fang Xin (Zhang Han Yun), on the other hand, finds herself struggling with love following her divorce. As different as each of these women are, they each share several commonalities, including facing opposition and oppression in the workplace and setbacks in their personal lives. Despite everything, can these three hard-working women rise above the challenges they face and find the happiness and fulfillment they each desire? “Delicious Romance” is a 2021 Chinese romance drama directed by Leste Chen and Hsu Chao Jen.