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In a martial arts-dominated world, two rival factions face off against one another in a bid for domination: The House of Sunset Drizzle and the Six-Half Hall. Wang Xiao Shi (Joseph Zeng) is a young, green, but highly skilled novice whose master gives him a difficult first mission: He must carry a box to a contact at the House of Sunset Drizzle, and travel to a tavern in a coastal town to do so. But the Six-Half Hall has got wind of his mission and attempts to intercept him. He outwits them, but when he reaches the tavern, he finds it full of cut-throat bandits who want to kill him and take the treasure. But two strangers come to his rescue – the ice-cold and ambitious Bai Chou Fei (Liu Yu Ning) and the feisty Wen Rou (Yang Chaoyue). The latter is a high-born woman who would rather hone her martial arts skills and protect the weak than be forced into a dull and lifeless marriage. The trio soon forms a bond of friendship, but while their actions win them favor with the House of Sunset Drizzle, the Six-Half Hall is irked by them, and vows to wipe them out. They are soon joined by Su Meng Zhen (Baron Chen), another hero they save from an ambush. As they venture deeper into the world of martial arts, this small band’s friendship will face many tests – and many adventures lie in store! “Heroes” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Mu Ge.