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After graduating as a top student from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, Shen Hui Xing (Bai Bai He) could have had her pick of careers. But after marrying Sheng Jiang Chuan (Tong Da Wei), she decided to put her work ambitions aside and focus her attention on her young family. With a daughter to care for and a household to run, Hui Xing has spent many years now as a full-time mom but has recently begun to feel her time as a housewife is quickly coming to an end. With her daughter older and her husband more focused on work than his family, Hui Xing has decided the time for her to re-enter the workforce has come. Landing a job rather quickly, it doesn’t take Hui Xing long to realize that she’s going to need Jiang Chuan to take on his fair share of the household responsibilities. But getting her husband to focus on his duties at home is a challenge, to say the least.  Swamped with work, neither Hui Xing nor Jiang Chuan has the time they need to focus on their family. As stress levels rise, so does the tension between Hui Xing and her husband. With a divorce looming on the horizon, can this overworked couple find a way to save their crumbling marriage? Taking an honest look at modern relationships, “Modern Marriage” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama directed by Shen Yan.