Hi Producer



The head of a culture-related firm decides to create a brand new type of variety TV show that will showcase traditional Chinese culture and history to a young and modern audience. The show will explore how traditional artisans ply their centuries-old crafts. But putting this ground-breaking show together will prove to be a challenge – nothing quite like it has ever been made. The firm assembles a team that comprises Tao Tang (Zhang Bo), a young expert in Chinese traditional culture and artifacts, as well as an experienced TV show maker named Mu Zhong Yun (Guo Xiao Dong). Presenting the show will be a veteran TV show host named Wang Xi Ning (Li Xiao Ran). Everything appears to be getting off to a good start until a young producer named Yu Zai Zao (Zhang Nan) is appointed as the show’s chief director. Yu Zai Zao’s ways are unorthodox, and initially appear to throw the show’s future into doubt. But could Yu Zai Zao’s unique perspective win over the rest of the cast and crew – and help the show become a success? “Hi Producer” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Gao Han.