Sleepeeer hit!

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Once a contender for the Olympic Judo Team, Kokoro Kurosawa (Haru Kuroki) was forced to give up on her dreams after suffering a career-ending injury. No longer able to pursue a career as a professional athlete, Kokoro must find a new way to support herself. Lucky for her, she manages to find her way into the wonderful world of manga publishing. Landing a job at the weekly manga magazine, “Vibes”, Kokoro is fascinated by the world of editing. Taking Kokoro under his wing is senior editor Kei Iokibe (Joe Odagiri), a talented professional who teaches her everything he knows about editing manga. Falling in love with her new profession, Kokoro adores her work, particularly interacting with the manga writers themselves and discovering new manga artists. Unfortunately, times at the magazine are tough as the industry is struggling to adapt to the newest publishing craze: ebooks. Determined to help the editorial department come up with ways to swell more manga books, Kokoro pours herself into her work. But will her determination be enough to make a difference in the highly competitive world of manga publishing? Adapted from the manga series, “Juhan Shuttai!” by Naoko Matsuda, “Sleepeeer Hit!” is a 2016 Japanese comedy drama directed by Nobuhiro Doi.