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Kisara Hanae (Kiyohara Kaya) is a young woman who grew up in an orphanage and dreams of becoming a karate practitioner. She dreams of representing Japan at a major event, but is forced to put her karate dreams on ice due to health issues. She now works as a cleaner. But one day, as she is going about her work, she meets Ashida Haruki (Shotaro Mamiya). He happens to be a songwriter who penned the song she used to listen to before her karate matches. Ashida Haruki has also fallen on hard times. Although the song that Kisara Hanae used to adore was popular, he has failed to score a hit since, and the music company that employs him is considering firing him unless he writes another hit. The firm is concerned that he does not really understand love – and that this is why he can’t write better songs. Losing his job will mean he must also move out of his accommodation. Out of desperation, the duo agrees to start a “fake” romance. But this sparks the ire of her childhood friend, Natsukawa Shingo (Kikuchi Fuma). The latter has secretly loved her ever since they were both children. Will this unconventional arrangement end in happiness – or misery for everyone concerned? “Fight Song” is a 2022 Japanese drama that was directed by Ishii Yasuharu, Okamoto Shingo, and Murao Yoshiaki.