Ossan’s Love

Ossan’s Love S1, Ossan’s Love Season 1
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At thirty-three, Soichi Haruta (Kei Tanaka) should have been living a full, happy, comfortable life. Unfortunately, he’s not. As an employee at a local real estate office, Soichi isn’t exactly unsuccessful in his career but when it comes to women, he has absolutely no luck. Still living with his parents, Soichi often wonders if his luck will ever change. Ironically enough, it does; but not in the way he was expecting. Done supporting him, Soichi’s mother decides to walk away, leaving her son to find a way to survive on his own. With no idea how to cook, clean, or generally take care of himself, Soichi wastes no time in accepting his co-worker, Ryota Maki’s (Kento Hayashi), offer when he invites Soichi to live with him. Though Soichi is happy to be enjoying Ryota’s impeccable housekeeping skills, he’s completely caught off guard when he learns that Ryota has long had a crush on him. To make matters even more complicated, Soichi’s boss, Musashi Kurosawa (Kotaro Yoshida) has recently confessed his love for him. Surrounded by men with strong feelings for him, Soichi finds himself caught in an unexpected love triangle. How will he be able to sort out his own feelings when he’s constantly being pulled in opposite directions? One of the very first Japanese boys’ love dramas, “Ossan’s Love S1” is a 2018 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Saito Yuki and Toichiro Ruto.