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Good Job

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Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo) is the head of the lucrative Eunkang business group empire. To the rest of the world, he is just another businessman who inherited his company from a super-rich family. But, in secret, he is a master of disguise, possesses incredible powers of deduction, and boats unparalleled athletic prowess. He can also change his personality at the flip of a switch, going from being an aloof and cold man to a tender-hearted nice guy. Eun Sun Woo puts this all to good use by running a detective agency, where he uses his various skills to solve crimes and thwart intrigue. Things change when he meets the poor but altruistic Don Se Ra (Kwon Yuri) – a young woman who has incredible vision. She wants to keep her gift a secret, so wears thick glasses. She has taken on a lot of minor jobs to help support the people she cares for. But when she meets Eun Sun Woo, the duo begins solving crimes together. But when Cupid turns up on the scene, what will become of their budding partnership? “Good Job” is a 2022 South Korean Viki Original drama series that was directed by Ryu Seung Jin.