Wakako Zake

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The Tokyo-based Wakako Murasaki (Takeda Rina) appears to be a very ordinary 26-year-old office worker from Hiroshima. She spends the daytime doing her relatively menial and uninspiring work just like everyone else. But in the evening, she transforms into an intrepid culinary adventurer! She heads out to restaurants, diners, drinking holes, street food stalls, friends’ houses – and even her own kitchen. She is particularly fond of finding a good alcoholic tipple to compliment the meal she is having! On occasion, she is joined by Aoyagi (Kamakari Kenta), a male coworker she has become close to – and another fan of great-tasting Japanese food! She also gets to know Taisho (Nozoe Yoshihiro), the owner of one of the many restaurants that Wakako Murasaki likes to visit. Will she manage to find more friends at work? Will she manage to win them over with her love of fine food? And where will this food-curious young woman’s gourmet instincts lead her next? This live-action series was based on a manga of the same name, which was authored by Chie Shinkyu. “Wakako Zake” is a 2015 Japanese drama series.