Wakako Zake 2

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The 26-year-old Wakako Murasaki (Takeda Rina) lives in Tokyo and works in an unassuming office job. But when she isn’t punching the clock, she loves to spend her time exploring the Tokyo food scene. She is especially fond of pairing whatever she eats with a suitable alcoholic beverage. In fact, few things in life bring her more satisfaction than matching a good meal with a tipple that fits the feast! She is occasionally joined by Aoyagi (Kamakari Kenta), a male colleague from the office. She has also become friendly with an older uncle-like figure, Taisho (Nozoe Yoshihiro), the owner of one of her favorite restaurants. As her adventures continue, Wakako Murasaki is delighted to discover Tokyo restaurants that serve specialties from her home Prefecture of Hiroshima. She also finds an eatery that specializes in unusual canned food-based recipes. She explores Okinawan preparations, and even tries some foreign fare – such as Thai food. And when the office decides to throw a party – wouldn’t it be natural that the managers turn to her when it is time to find a suitable restaurant? What further adventures will this food-loving young woman embark upon? This series was based on a manga series of the same name, which was authored by Chie Shinkyu. “Wakako Zake 2” is a 2016 Japanese drama series.