My Bossy Wife

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Lu Xiao Bai (Ma Hao Dong) is a low-level gambler and fly-by-night who will do anything for a quick buck. One day, he agrees to help a local dignitary escape his hometown in exchange for money. But this proves to be a very fateful and foolish decision: The dignitary was trying to flee a marriage with Shen Jun Ye (Shao Yun), the town’s overbearing constable and the daughter of a powerful family. Shen Jun Ye possesses incredible fighting abilities and enormous physical strength. She is also very aggressive and does not suffer fools lightly. Shen Jun Ye chases Lu Xiao Bai down and, in order to appease her mother – who is distraught because of the failed marriage of her daughter – forces him to become the family’s servant for several months. He has no choice but to agree – although he tries (unsuccessfully) to escape time and again. But, when Lu Xiao Bai attempts to help Shen Jun Ye track down a wanted criminal, she realizes that while Lu Xiao Bai isn’t much of a fighter, he does have a powerful mind. The duo begins to start solving crimes together – but could they also develop feelings for one another as their partnership deepens? “My Bossy Wife” is a 2022 Chinese drama series directed by Chen Yi.