About Youth

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With an almost unfair combination of good grades and even better looks, Ye Guang (Li Zhen Hao) is easily his high school’s most popular guy. Constantly drawing the attention of everyone around him, it came as no surprise when he announced that he was running for student body president. What did come as a surprise was who was announced to run against him. A quiet, almost completely unnoticeable student who spent much of his time working at his family’s noodle stall, Xu Qi Zhang (Jyun) wasn’t anyone’s first choice for student body president. But what no one at school knew was that as lead singer and guitarist of a band, Qi Zhang’s quiet demeanor in class was completely transformed, everytime he stepped on stage. The complete opposite of Ye Guang in almost every way, the two boys might have seemed like the perfect rivals in a school election but in reality, things couldn’t have been more different. Having met outside of school by chance, Ye Guang and Qi Zhang begin an unexpected friendship that steadily grows into something more. But how can this unlikely couple find happiness when the entire school expects them to hate each other? Adapted from the novel “Secretly” by Huang Si Mi, “About Youth” is a 2022 Taiwanese romantic drama directed by Tsai Mi Chieh.