A Romance of the Little Forest

Two People's Little Forest
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Indifferent to the things most people crave, namely fame, fortune, and a thriving social life, botany professor Zhuang Yu (Vin Zhang) is interested in only one thing: his research. Having dedicated his entire life to the research and cultivation of sweet wormwood, Zhuang Yu cares for nothing else. So singularly focused on his work, it comes as no surprise that he would be devoid of social graces, which is how he came to break the heart of Yu Mei Ren (Esther Yu). Having grown up in the countryside, Mei Ren and Zhuang Yu’s paths often crossed. After harboring a crush on Zhuang Yu for quite some time, Mei Ren finally worked up the courage to confess her feelings, only to have them completely rejected. Heartbroken, Mei Ren moved on with her life, eventually graduating from university with a doctorate in ornithology; but even as the years passed, she never forgot the pain Zhuang Yu had inflicted on her young heart.  Weary of the pressures that come with a life dedicated to scientific research, Mei Ren eventually decides to pursue a different route. Now a fashion blogger, Mei Ren is surprised when her path once again crosses with Zhang Yu. Having never forgotten him, Mei Ren is determined to use this chance to exact her revenge but the harder she tries, the more she finds herself falling for him. Has fate given her a second chance to win this botanist’s indifferent heart? An adorably sweet love story, “A Romance of the Little Forest” is a 2022 Chinese romantic comedy directed by Cai Cong.