The Empire



As chief of a special investigation team at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office, Han Hye Ryul (Kim Sun Ah) has achieved a great deal of success in her career. But for Hye Ryul, being successful just isn’t enough. As the third generation of a wealthy and powerful family who has used their collective careers in law to build an empire of wealth and power, Hye Ryul refuses to be satisfied with anything less than the best. With her sights set on becoming the next Prosecutor General, Hye Ryul hopes to break free from the family ties that bind her. But with a family like hers, breaking free comes at a very steep price. With her father, Han Gun Do (Song Young Chang) working as an attorney for one of the country's biggest law firms, and both her mother, Ham Gwang Jeon (Lee Mi Sook), and her husband, Na Geun Woo (Ahn Jae Wook), working as professors at a prestigious law school, each member of her family casts a very large shadow over Hye Ryul. Tired of people denigrating her work because of her family’s prestigious background, Hye Ryul is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy her desires.  When talk of her husband’s possible consideration for the next presidential candidate begins to circulate, Hye Ryul takes matters into her own hands. With her family soon embroiled in several scandals, will Hye Ryul finally have a chance to seize that which she has most desired? A story of wealth and ruin, “The Empire” is a 2022 South Korean melodrama directed by Yoo Hyun Ki.