Gaus Electronics



Stress is no stranger to the members of Marketing Team 3 of the home appliance department at the Gaus Electronics HQ. The firm is a busy, multinational company, but this is a team that most workers dream of getting out of – and where chaos is no stranger! Some 10 employees make up the team. These include Lee Sang Sik (Kwak Dong Yeon), a man with a positive personality who often misjudges his coworkers’ moods, causing trouble as a result! There is also Cha Na Rae (Go Sung Hee), the hot-tempered assistant manager! Also among their number is Baek Ma Tan (Bae Hyeon Seong), the heir of the owners of Gaus Electronics’ fiercest rival – Power Group. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and has never known hardship. But he shocked his entire family when he decided to join Gaus as a junior employee! His polar opposite is Geon Gang Mi (Kang Min Ah), who comes from more modest origins and has always tried to pull herself up by her bootstraps – pushing herself to succeed at every step (although she does have a tendency to change when she drinks alcohol!). While they seem to have very little in common at first, they slowly begin to form a bond, with possible sparks of romance in the air! Will any of the marketing team succeed in escaping? Or will they eventually find a way to quell the workplace chaos? This drama was based on a web-based cartoon of the same name by Kwak Baek Soo. The cartoon was serialized from 2011 to 2019. “Gaus Electronics” is a 2022 South Korean drama series that was directed by Park Joon Soo.