My Cuteness Is About to Expire!?

Is My KAWAII About to Expire?
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Maruya Kosuke (Yamada Ryosuke) is a 29-year-old man who has lived a charmed life. He is a much-loved and very successful member of staff who works in the sales department of a major beer manufacturer. He is blessed with good looks and a “cuteness” that has always brought him enormous popularity with women. In fact, he is so charming that women often make the first move – confessing their feelings to him almost as if they can’t help themselves. But an unexpected incident takes place one day, leading him to a terrible realization: His “cuteness” – just like beer – has an expiry date. One day, he will be just another man, without the magnetic charm he has always taken for granted! While this is happening to Maruya Kosuke, the sales department gets a new member: A 26-year-old member of the research and development team named Izumi Sanada (Yoshine Kyoko) is transferred to Maruya Kosuke’s team. Izumi Sanada dislikes being around other people to the point of being outright antisocial. She seems emotionless when she has to interact with other people. But her almost robotic mannerisms and dislike of people come from her past experiences – which have left her with a hidden inferiority complex. Could the sparks of romance fly when Maruya Kosuke and his soon-to-expire “cuteness” crosses paths with this seemingly emotionless young woman? “My Cuteness Is About to Expire!?” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Takehiko Shinjo.