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The Bionic Life


In the year 2035, the development of artificial intelligence has progressed so far that the world now has a substantial population of humanoid robots. Entirely indistinguishable from humans, these androids have started to raise some serious concerns among the general public. While the vast majority of the population has found more civilized ways to voice their concerns, there have been some who have decided to take more drastic measures. When a string of android murders begins to make headlines, an organization known as Mingmou is called in to investigate. Assigned to the team charged with investigating this series of murders are Cheng Nuo (Song Wei Long) and An Qiu (Vicky Chen). While Cheng Nuo is cool and level-headed, An Qiu demonstrates an exceptional level of empathy, making them an excellent team.  Determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding these android murders, Cheng Nuo and An Qiu quickly discover that the complexities of life itself have severely blurred the lines between human and android. Caught up in a series of cascading crises, does this dynamic duo have what it takes to rewrite the fate of both humans and androids? Set in the not-too-distant future, “The Bionic Life” is a 2023 science fiction thriller drama directed by Leste Chen and Hsu Chao Jen.