Kunlun Tomb

Mojin: Kunlun Shrine , Candle in the Tomb: Kunlun Shrine , Candle in the Tomb: Raiders of the Wu Gorge
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Obsessed with the legends of King Gesar, antique dealer Ming Shu (Kent Tong) would love nothing more than to possess relics from the time of that once-great king. However, finding treasures from an age that has become nothing more than legend isn’t easy. Luckily, he knows a certain set of adventurers who can retrieve the relics he seeks. Having just narrowly escaped the harrowing “Worm Valley,” Ming Shu wastes no time in commissioning Hu Ba Yi (Pan Yue Ming), Wang Pang Zi (Jiang Chao), and Shirley Yang (Zhang Yu Qi) for the job at hand. Desperate to possess the legendary glacier corpse, Ming Shu speeds the team on their way. But finding such a precious relic from a long-forgotten age is no simple task; especially when the treasure one seeks is no longer part of this world. Realizing the coveted corpse lies hidden deep within the demonic kingdom, the intrepid team makes the crossing only to learn that the treasure they seek is tied to an ancient curse. With their lives in more danger than ever, they must each ask themselves: is the prize they’re hunting worth the price they may soon be forced to pay? Adapted from the 4th volume in Zhang Mu Ye’s novel series “Candle in the Tomb”, “Kunlun Tomb” is a 2022 Chinese action adventure drama directed by Fei Zhen Xiang.