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As high school students, Tsumugi Aoba (Haruna Kawaguchi) and So Sakura (Ren Meguro) shared a keen interest in music. With their interests so similarly aligned, it was only natural for a friendship to blossom between them. Over time, that friendship developed into something deeper, a relationship that might have come to last a lifetime, if not for So’s sudden change of heart. Calling their relationship off without any warning or reason, So not only broke Tsumugi’s heart, but his immediate disappearance afterward left her completely crushed. Eight years later, Tsumugi may occasionally wonder what happened to So but has, in all other ways, moved on with her life. Now living in Tokyo, Tsumugi works part-time at a large music store where she is free to completely immerse herself in the music she loves so dearly. Perfectly happy with her life, Tsumugi might have eventually forgotten about So completely, if fate hadn’t decided their paths needed to cross once again. Noticing So at work one day, Tsumugi musters up the courage to approach him, only to find that in the eight years since they last spoke, he has almost completely lost his hearing. With sparks of their old flame beginning to reignite within her heart, will Tsumugi find a way to solidify her place in So’s now-silent world? A story of fate and second chances, “Silent” is a 2022 Japanese romance drama directed by Hiroki Kazama.