Eternal Yesterday

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Yamada Koichi (Komiya Rio) is an ever-cheerful, ever-popular high schooler with plenty of friends in his class. Oumi Mitsuru (Inoue Sora) is his polar opposite: a gifted young student who has plenty of intelligence, but relatively few social skills. Despite their vastly different personalities, they begin to feel a strong pull of mutual attraction. But one rainy morning, just as their passions are beginning to rise, a truck slams into Yamada Koichi in front of Oumi Mitsuru. Moments later, it appears to Oumi Mitsuru that the other boy simply got up and continued about his business as though nothing has happened. But that is not what the rest of the world appears to understand has happened. As the boy’s classmates slowly begin to forget about Yamada Koichi, Oumi Mitsuru’s passion for him begins to burn stronger than ever. But is this really the “same” Yamada Koichi? Or has something very unusual happened to the love of Oumi Mitsuru’s life? This drama was based on a novel by Eda Yuuri. “Eternal Yesterday” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was written for the screen and directed by Kobayashi Keiichi.