So Funny Youth

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The year is 2006 and a group of high school friends is trying to navigate their way through the final leg of their school days. They all grew up on the same road, and have spent almost all of their childhoods together. But as they approach the end of high school life, they must transition into adulthood. It is a path that will see them develop their personalities, complete their studies – and learn hard and beautiful truths about romance. The group comprises Zhang Xiao Ran (Chen Yi Xin), an innocent and gentle soul at most times. But she also has a fiercely competitive streak and has a serious approach to most things. Across the road lives Zhu Cheng Hai (He Yu), an academic whizz with top grades. But despite his academic prowess, he often talks himself into trouble – his razor-sharp wit can be a little too piercing on occasion, which can land him in trouble. Then there is the basketball ace Zhou Rui (Li Jia Hao). Although he is great at expressing himself on the basketball court, he is less talented at verbal communication. As such, although he seems brave, he is actually afraid of the dark and ghost stories! The ace also has a secret admirer in the bright, strong Xiang Nan (Niu Ze Meng). Will Cupid intervene as they look to make their mark on the sports field and the classroom? “So Funny Youth” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was produced by Xie Ying and Liu Hua Bo.