Cute Bodyguard

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Su Jing Jing (Ling Mei Shi) may have a small frame but her diminutive size in no way hinders her ability to hold her own. The truth is, Jing Jing is a top-notch fighter who possesses almost supernatural strength. Able to take down anyone who dares oppose her, Jing Jing has yet to lose a fight. Gu Rong Yan (Liu Te), on the other hand, couldn’t be more different. A young CEO who has chosen flight over fight, Rong Yan finds himself in desperate need of a bodyguard. Meeting Jing Jing purely by chance, he witnesses her talents first-hand and almost immediately offers her a job. Accepting his proposal, Jing Jing agrees to work as Rong Yan’s bodyguard. With no idea what she’s getting herself into, Jing Jing takes her job as Rong Yan’s bodyguard seriously but his carefree nature makes her life difficult, to say the least. Despite their differences, the two find themselves growing closer but several unfortunate misunderstandings insist on tearing them apart. Will this unlikely pair find a way to overcome the obstacles that seem to constantly come between them? A light-hearted love story, “Cute Bodyguard” is a 2022 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Mai Tian.