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New Love Playlist



To those that know her well, Do Min Ju (Oh Yu Jin) is a bright and bubbly media communications major, full of smiles. But to the rest of the world, Min Ju is a shy, timid university student struggling to figure out how to navigate school, life in general, and the complicated mess that is romantic relationships, all while simultaneously living through a worldwide pandemic. But Min Ju isn’t the only one on campus trying to make their way through these unprecedented times. Much like Min Ju, Park Do Yoon (Yoo Jung Hoo) is another university student who appears one way but in reality, is completely the opposite. With the appearance of one who is well-versed in the ways of love and relationships, Do Yoon may seem cool and confident on the outside but when he’s around someone he truly likes, he turns into a flustered mess! This might explain why every meeting with Min Ju goes so wrong… With a steadfast group of friends to support them, Min Ju and Do Yoon do their best to keep moving forward. As each new day brings with it new opportunities, will this pair of university students find themselves moving steadily toward each other? The next installment in the “Love Playlist” series, “New Love Playlist” is a 2022 South Korean romance drama directed by Kang Min Kyung.