Begin Again

Dating After Marriage, We Started Dating From Marriage, Love Begins From Marriage, Love From Marriage
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As the CEO of a large home furnishings corporation, Lu Fang Ning (Zhou You Tong) has everything in life that she could ever need. Rich, talented, and beautiful, Fang Ning’s life should have been nothing short of perfect. However, where she saw success, her family saw nothing but failure as, nearing thirty, Fang Ning had yet to find a husband and start a family. Desperate to get her family to stop pressuring her, Fang Ning decides to do whatever she can to seduce the “perfect” man. As fate would have it, the moment she decides to start looking for a husband is the exact moment she meets Ling Rui (Gong Jun). A dashing, talented surgeon with a big heart, Ling Rui is everything Fang Ning believes she’s looking for in a husband. Worming her way into his life, Fang Ning eventually wins Ling Rui over and the two soon find themselves settling into their new lives as husband and wife. Unfortunately, married life isn’t exactly easy. As the pressures of life, work, and family begin to weigh on them, Fang Ning and Ling Rui find themselves drifting apart. Only after thoughts of divorce begin to drift through her head does Fang Ning realize just how much she’s come to care for her husband. Will Fang Ning’s change of heart and ways be enough to save her rocky marriage? Adapted from the novel “This Ordinary Man” by Pitchaya Turdkwanchai, “Begin Again” is a 2020 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Xu Chi.