Love Like White Jade

Flawless White Jade
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As a maid living at Langya Pavilion, Shui Wu Xia’s (Wan Peng) life takes an unexpected turn when the neighboring Jiang Manor seeks her particular services. Hired by the Manor to assist its young master, Jiang Bai Yu (Zhang Yao), with both his academic studies and his martial arts training, Wu Xia is excited by this new opportunity. However, it doesn’t take long for her to realize that she and the young master are anything but compatible. Frequently butting heads, the proud Wu Xia refuses to take any of the arrogant Bai Yu’s playful nonsense. But their frequent bickering is slowly replaced by mutual respect, after realizing that they both harbor a dark secret. Having lost her brother years ago, Wu Xia hopes to someday find him and those responsible for his disappearance. Likewise, Bai Yu has suffered great loss and hopes to find those responsible for the death of his beloved father.  Putting aside their differences Wu Xia and Bai Yu agree to work together to find the answers they seek. Little do they know just how deeply the tragedies of their past are connected. Once the truth is revealed, will it serve to bring them closer together or will it drive them apart forever? Full of secrets, laughs, and love, “Love Like White Jade” is a 2021 Chinese romance comedy drama directed by Peng Yu.