Perfect and Casual

Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost, Mr Perfect and Miss Average
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Known as much for his intelligence and his looks, statistics professor Zhang Si Nian (Wei Zhe Ming) was considered by many to be perfect in every way. As a man who pursued perfection in every aspect of his life, Si Nian has always been happy to live up to the rumors surrounding him. But his perfect world is thrown into chaos after he meets Yun Shu (Xu Ruo Han), a statistics student enrolled in one of his classes. An optimistic, albeit simple young lady, Yun Shu never meant to cause any problems; but when her cousin cheats her out of a large sum of money, she quickly finds herself homeless. Coincidentally enough, Yun Shu crosses paths with Si Nian who, at an uncharacteristic moment of weakness, makes Yun Shu an offer she can’t refuse. Pressured by his ailing grandfather to marry, Si Nian sees Yun Shu as a means to an end and offers her a place to live, in exchange for pretending to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Si Nian’s grandfather isn’t willing to settle for anything other than marriage. Agreeing to a contract marriage, Si Nian and Yun Shu find themselves in a place neither of them could have imagined. However, with time and understanding, feelings naturally grow between them. Could this mismatched marriage of convenience turn into one of love? Adapted from the web novel “Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost” by Wan Zhi, “Perfect and Casual” is a 2020 Chinese romantic comedy drama directed by Li Shuang.