Gank Your Heart

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A talented esports gamer, Ji Xiang Kong (Wang Yibo) was as known for his good looks as he was for his impressive record. With hoards of fangirls crowding him wherever he went, Xiang Kong was a celebrity in his own right. But his dreams of winning the championship were crushed when a misunderstanding nearly ended his career. Qiu Ying (Wang Zi Xuan), on the other hand, was an ambitious live streamer who dreamt of someday becoming a professional commentator. Crossing paths with Xiang Kong at an international competition, Qiu Ying jumps at the chance to boost her popularity. Unfortunately, she has no idea that Xiang Kong’s reputation has been severely damaged and in following Xiang Kong, she does damage to her own reputation as well.  Now in a similar situation, Xiang Kong and Qiu Ying find themselves forced to explore new paths in an effort to make their dreams come true. Working together, will this unlikely pair find a way to turn their failures into success? Adapted from the novel “Accompany You to the Top of the World” by Nan Ye Lin Er, “Gank Your Heart” is a 2019 Chinese romance drama directed by Sha Wei Qi.