Unlock My Boss

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As founder and CEO of one of the country’s largest IT companies, Kim Sun Joo (Park Sung Woong) is a name everyone knows. A true genius in his field, Sun Joo has everything in life going for him. But living at the top comes with its own set of challenges, and some would stop at nothing to bring him down. In this case, literally. Hunted down by an unknown killer, Sun Joo becomes the unfortunate victim of a senseless murder. But instead of leaving this life, Sun Joo’s spirit somehow takes up residence in his smartphone. Now trapped within his phone, Sun Joo might have spent an eternity there, had Park In Sung (Chae Jong Hyeop) not stumbled upon it. A down-and-out university graduate unable to find a job, In Sung is shocked to find a phone inhabited by the spirit of Sun Joo. Taking advantage of the situation Sun Joo does his best to convince In Sung to help him; a task which becomes much easier once he mentions the hefty reward he’s willing to give In Sung in exchange for his services.  Taking on the role of temporary CEO, In Sung steps into Sun Joo’s shoes at the company, much to the chagrin of his secretary, Jung Se Yeon (Seo Eun Soo). Working together in secret, will the two be able to find those responsible for Sun Joo’s death? Adapted from the webtoon “Unlock the Boss” by Park Seong Hyun, “Unlock My Boss” is a 2022 South Korean comedy mystery drama directed by Lee Chul Ha.