Cinderella Again

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Over a decade ago, Hagino Shion (Kumada Rinka) was an awkward high school student. She had a crush on the standoffish but handsome Hasegawa Souma (Honda Kyoya) and decided to try to win his heart by confessing her feelings for him. But when she tried to do so, he rejected her cruelly – telling her that she ought to “do something about her appearance” before telling a boy she liked him. This crushing blow has scarred her ever since. Now, aged 29, she works as a beauty consultant. Her hair styling and makeup abilities are almost second to none, and her career has really taken off. Regardless, she has never had a boyfriend. When she attends a blind date-themed party, she suddenly has a flashback to that unhappy moment back in high school...and is magically transported back to her school days. It’s 2010 again, and she is the same school girl – except she now has awesome makeup skills! She resolves to change her destiny, armed with the skills she perfected as an adult. But could this path really lead her to love? This drama was based on a manga title of the same name, authored by Yuu Nozomu. “Cinderella Again” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Goto Yosuke.