Unexpected Falling

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Happily married to a successful man, Ruan Zhen Zhen (Elvira Cai) seemed to be living the perfect life. The happy housewife of a wealthy man, Zhen Zhen might have spent her entire life without a care in the world, had fate not decided to deal her an incredibly cruel hand. Losing her husband quite unexpectedly, Zhen Zhen suddenly finds herself faced with a future spent utterly alone. But being single once more is the very least of Zhen Zhen’s problems. With the death of her husband, Zhen Zhen is quickly made aware of their dire financial situation. Approached by loan sharks and lawyers alike, Zhen Zhen is forced to accept the overwhelming debt her husband has left behind. In her darkest hour, attorney Gao Jun (Peng Guan Ying) appears, a noble savior here to rescue the damsel in distress. But innocent and unprotected as she is, Zhen Zhen isn’t stupid. Highly suspicious of Gao Jun’s offers of help and goodwill, Zhen Zhen keeps her guard up at all times. Working alongside each other to sort out the mess left by her late husband, Zhen Zhen slowly begins to warm up to Gao Jun’s charms. But is he here to help or is he, like everyone else, just trying to capitalize on Zhen Zhen’s misfortune? Full of as much mystery as it is love, “Unexpected Falling” is a 2022 Chinese romance thriller drama directed by Yan Yu Tong.