Blinded Kiss

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Waka (Yurika Nakamura) is a librarian who is also something of an avid bookworm herself. She hoards books and has a huge personal collection. In fact, this book collection is so extensive that it is causing her problems: She can’t find a place to live that has enough bookshelf space to house the collection. One day, at the library, she is reunited with a man she once knew… That man is a scientific researcher named Shinobu (Hashimoto Ryosuke). He attended the same high school as Waka and had a huge crush on her. One day, while she was reading a novel in the school library, he suddenly kissed her – causing her alarm. After that, Shinobu had to move abroad when his father was sent overseas. Since returning to Japan, Shinobu found well-paid work and has become a success. He is still utterly smitten with Waka, and offers to let her move in – with all her books. She agrees. But could this unusual arrangement ultimately lead them on the path to love? The drama was based on a hit manga series by Hiiro Kisaragi, which debuted in 2019 and ran until 2021. “Blinded Kiss” is a 2021 Japanese drama series that was directed by Akimori Sakemi, Yuta Yoshikawa, and Yui Matsuzaki.