Rental A Girlfriend



With the bright and sunny Mami Nanami (Shiori Akita) by his side, Kazuya Kinoshita (Ryusei Onishi) thought that his life as a twenty-something college student was nothing short of perfect. Utterly convinced he had the world’s best girlfriend, Kazuya lived in a blissful world full of sunshine and rainbows. At least he did until one day, without warning, Mami walked out of his life forever. Left heartbroken and alone, Kazuya has no idea how he will ever find a way to carry on. Desperate to soothe the pain of his wounded heart, Kazuya turns to the vast resources of the internet for help. Finding an app that offers rental girlfriends for hire, Kazuya orders the services of Chizuru Mizuhara (Hiyori Sakurada), an unparalleled beauty whose cute demeanor quickly eases the pain in Kazuya’s heart. Unfortunately, the comfort he finds in Chizuru’s company is short-lived, as he allows his good opinion of her to be tainted by the online reviews of others. Infuriated by Kazuya’s easily swayed opinion, Chizuru tries to stand up for herself but all her plans are waylaid by a sudden act of fate. Finding herself forced to play the part of Kazuya’s lover once more, Chizuru has no choice but to keep up the ruse. But with Kazuya’s heart still clearly yearning for another woman, how long can this imposter couple last? Adapted from the manga series “Borrow a Girlfriend” by Reiji Miyajima, “Rental A Girlfriend” is a 2022 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Daisuke Yamamoto.