The 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date

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Convinced she’d found the love of her life, Haru Kobayashi (Baba Fumika) was devastated when she learned that the man of her dreams was already married to another woman. Utterly heartbroken, Haru was certain she would never find another man. But while Haru worried about her lonely future, one of her regular customers assured her that she wasn’t destined to walk this life alone.  Predicting she would meet not one, but three different men, Haru scoffed at the idea of having so many men in her life. At least until the day, her customer’s prediction started coming true… Meeting the hair stylist, Shintaro (Hiroshi Nakahara) first, Haru might have passed off the encounter as a coincidence, but chance meetings with the bartender, Yoshi (Dori Sakurada), and the band vocalist, Yu (Kenta Kamiya), forced Haru to take her customer’s original prediction seriously. With three very different men all vying for her attention, Haru has no idea what to do next. Will one of these dashing men ultimately win her affection, or will her heart lead her in an entirely different direction?  Adapted from the manga series “3B - Love with a Professional Boy Who Shouldn’t be Dating” by Moyo Yokoyama, “The 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date” is a 2021 Japanese romantic comedy drama directed by Yusuke Taki.