The Sealer



The beheaded corpse of a man is found in Tokyo. His body appears to have been cut with an almost impossibly sharp blade. But there is one baffling detail about this case: There is no sign of blood around the cut. A young and ambitious female news reporter named Mio Sanjo (Mai Fukagawa) tries to get to the bottom of the case – only to witness a horrific plume of what looks like filthy black dust gushing from the wound. The police officers cannot see this dust, but Mio Sanjo knows that her eyes are not deceiving her... She soon learns that two mysterious men named Kakeru Osagami (Saotome Taichi) and Sho Iotsu (Endo Yuya) can also “see” this black filth – and have a very keen interest in it! It turns out that Kakeru Osagami is a “blade master” who is on the hunt for the sword that cut the man. He has a deadly quest: Hunting down these so-called “filth blades,” which have been forged from human evil and can corrupt the souls of those who wield them. But with every blade he neutralizes, Kakeru Osagami absorbs some of the “filth.” Can he wipe out all of the blades before the “filth” consumes him? “The Sealer” is a 2022 drama series that was directed by Fujii Michihito and Kuwajima Kenji.