The Long River

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In the fifteenth year of his reign, Emperor Kang Xi (Luo Jin) was forced to overcome the greatest challenge of his young life when his empire was nearly washed away by the raging current of the Yellow River. Having recently experienced a bout of uncommonly heavy rainfall, the mighty swollen river began to spill over its banks. Washing away home, destroying crops, and taking countless lives, the people of Kang Xi’s empire turned to him for guidance, certain their mighty leader would know how to save them. Unable to find a solution to the problems at hand, Kang Xi decided to recruit the empire’s brightest individuals into his service. Setting up a series of civil service examinations, candidates from across the empire came, hoping to secure a place by the Emperor’s side. Among these hopefuls was Chen Huang (Yin Fang), a bright young man with a head full of ideas and the confidence needed to turn them into action. Passing the Emperor’s rigorous tests, Chen Huang and his colleagues were tasked with finding a solution to the problems plaguing those most affected by the raging Yellow River. With countless lives on the line, will the Emperor and his new team of advisors find a way to save their people before it’s too late? A story of hope in the face of disaster, “The Long River” is a 2022 Chinese historical drama directed by Zhang Ting.