Trip Mate, Who Are You?

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What would happen if international stars from South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia all got together to travel around South Korea? Viewers are about to find out! Yoon Bomi and Kim Nam Joo, two of the members of the chart-topping K-pop group Apink, are joined by the Vietnamese actress Jun Vu, the Korean-American singer Sam Kim, Afgansyah Reza (aka Afgan), one of the most famous pop singers in Indonesia, and Jaylerr, a top-billing Thai actor and model – and two other K-pop stars: Highlight’s Son Dongwoon and UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk. The stars are assigned “trip mates,” people who, for the most part, they’ve never met before. And with their brand-new traveling companions, these groups are sent out to travel around some of the most scenic parts of South Korea. They will explore the sub-tropical island of Jeju, famous for its volcanic rock and sandy shores. They will also explore the natural beauty of the county of Namhae, on the south coast. Some travelers will also discover Yangyang, Gangwon Province, on the eastern coast of the South Korean mainland. They know little about their “trip mates” – and there will be language barriers to navigate. But will these celebrity explorers succeed in forging new friendships along the way? “Trip Mate, Who Are You?” is a 2022 South Korean variety TV show.