Candy Color Paradox

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Satoshi Onoe (Keito Kimura) is a reporter for the weekly gossip magazine “Dash!” The magazine is a hit among readers, as it often contains juicy details about the latest celebrity scandals, and sells well as a result. Its success is largely down to its so-called stakeout crews – teams of journalists and photographers who follow celebrities in the hope of catching them getting up to no good. But one day, the magazine’s senior staff decided to reshuffle the stakeout teams – and pair Satoshi Onoe with the photographer Motoharu Kaburagi (Yamanaka Jyutaro). Satoshi Onoe secretly resents Motoharu Kaburagi, and thinks of him as a rival, of sorts. Furthermore, while Satoshi Onoe prides himself on his writing skills and his sense of ethics, Motoharu Kaburagi is very different. The photographer has poor manners and takes a haphazard approach to work. The two clash as they begin their joint assignments, resentful that they have to work together. But as they try to catch the ultimate scoop, they unexpectedly begin to develop feelings for one another. Could an unlikely workplace romance be in the cards for them? This drama was based on a manga series of the same name that was written by Isaku Natsume and first published in 2019. “Candy Color Paradox” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Tomoyuki Furumaya.